It is not surprising that among the ambitions of this fragile girl there is one-to become president. In an interview, the girl said that the new Vice President of the United States Kamala Harry inspired her to these thoughts, and in 2036, the girl plans to run for president of the United States. By the way, Amanda already has support in the face of former first ladies of the United States. Hillary Clinton wrote that Gorman promised to run for president in 2036, adding: "I, for one, can't wait." Michelle Obama left this comment: "Keep shining, Amanda!" and added that she looks forward to further success of the girl. We have no doubt of success. In a country where the social elevator and the constitution work, and the law is the same for everyone, even a simple girl can become president. Vote for Amanda!

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Your AWRUNA! All the best and positive 🌴👋